Alberta Indoor Track and Field Championships

Here are the results for the Red Deer Titans Track and Field Club from the Alberta Indoor Track and Field Championships from March 2&3, 2013;
Quin Eberts – Male – long jump, 3.03m (9th place); shot put, 4.90m (15th place); med ball throw, 3.32m (13th place);standing long jump, 1.55m (12th place); 60m dash, 11.02 sec (14th); 600m, 2:28.24 (9th place)

Georgia Biggs – female – long jump, 3.08m (24th place); shot put, 5.65m (10th place); med ball throw, 3.89m (14th place); high jump, 1.10m (14th place); 60m dash, 10.19 sec (30th); 60m hurdles, 13.68 (21st place); 600m, 1:56.42 (8th place); 800m, 2:49.52 (9th place)

Ethan Rapske – male – long jump, 2.78 (29th place); med ball throw, 2.79m (36th place); 60m dash, 10.88 sec (33rd place); 600m, 2:22.83 (30th place)

Joseph Stephan – male – long jump, 2.97m (25th place); 60m dash, 10.64 (32nd place); 600m, 2:17.13 (27th place)

Natalie Frenette – female – long jump, 4.11m (12th place); shot put, 5.79m (17th place); 60m dash, 8.72 sec (19th); 60m hurdles, 11.33 (prelims)

Mya Little – female – long jump, 4.09m (19th place); 60m dash, 8.57sec (12th); 60m hurdles, 111.71 (prelims); 200m, 28.01 (7th place); 300m, 45.40 (7th place)

Jacob Stephan – male – 1200m, 4:23.36 (15th place)

Blaire Biggs – female – shot put, 7.57m (8th place)

Mattison Dewald – female – long jump, 4.08m (7th place); shot put, 8.37m (7th place)

Halley Flexhaug – female – 60m hurdles, 9.91sec (5th place); triple jump, 10.40m (3rd place)

Jodi Huston – female – 60m, 8.43 sec (11 place); 200m, 28.32 (16th place); long jump, 4.68m (4th place)

Emily Lucas – female – 1500m, 5:05.23 (5th place); 3000m, 10:48.35 (2nd place)

Brayden Posyluzny – male – 60m, 7.56 (14th place); 60m hurdles, 9.44 sec (2nd place); high jump, 1.60m (3rd place); long jump, 6.12m (1st place); triple jump, 11.86 (2nd place); shot put, 11.60m (3rd place)

Cole Sugdon – male – 60m, 7.77 (21st place); 200m, 25.51 (14th); long jump, 5.40m (9th place)

Chantelle Kent – female – 60m, 8.30 sec (6th place); 200m, 29.12 (15th place); long jump, 4.68m (4th place)

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